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. Come join my family as we play this Anki Overdrive car track that is controlled from our smart phones. Each kit come with two robotic super cars powered by A.I. and 10 track pieces. Also includes are several Overdrive Expansion Track Speed Kit. Come with track and cars, this installation played all over our living room came with 4-kits including a bridge and jumping ramps. It was fun for the entire family.

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DESCRIPTION: Driving your car using a smart phone. Great fun. Come and watch.



One Smart phone per car




■ Fujifilm Xp 120™ Underwater Point and Shoot Camera

■ Tripod: ZOMEI 55

Compact Lightweight Travel Portable Folding SLR Camera Tripod with Carry Case. GotoPhotography

■ Lights: Use of Fluorescent Kitchen Lighting and Daylight

■ Production Laptop: Lenovo IdeaPad Y700

■ Video Editor: Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate 2017


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54 thoughts on “Anki OVERDRIVE TRACK RACING

  1. That looks like so much fun I may just have to buy one I don’t know if my wife will put up with that but it is very cool wow these kids nowadays have all the toys all the bells and whistles very cool

    1. Hi Jerrry, real expensive and made of cardboard and circuit boards, plus you need one smartphone per car. But it got real interesting the more they drank!!! Hint. Thanks for watching.

  2. I have never seen such a nice racing track, better than the hot wheels. It looks like one of the cars is glow in the dark. Amazing! Thanks for sharing, Gary

  3. hello my friend , i liked ur race track.I havent seen one of these in years .i am guessing u r controlling the cars with a ap now a days.Liked how the car was pushing the other one until they got unstuck . At first i thought the cars were in a grid but when they jump they didnt land on grids .

    1. Hey thanks for watching, it controlled from your smartphone. Very pricy too, each box there 5 boxes here cost $80 dollars and you can buy ramps too. Thanks and I will see you tonight. Gary

  4. amazing race track mate a big change from your usual farenu200dfull watch time support a like for youu200d IAmACreator support

    1. Hi Billy; I thought that after a year of being a Vegan Kiwi… we could have a little fun with the Healthy Vegan Living. This is definitely living after a few beers and it then gets to be a lot more fun. Thanks for watching and supporting, thumbs up and your comments.

  5. That’s a sweet car track! I remember as a kid using something similar, but was less advanced. The cars always had troubles staying on the track and definitely didn’t light up or go that fast. Pretty cool!

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